Issue Two: Spock with a goatee and other Tales from the Multiverse!

October 13, 2018

Chris and Erik go quantum leaping through the multiverse as they discuss their favorite alternate reality/timeline stories from comics, such as 'Flashpoint', 'Days of Future Past', 'Old Man Logan', 'Dark Knight Returns' and others...


*Correction: Apologies to Mark Millar; we're aware he wrote "Superman: Red Son", not Mark Waid. 


Issue One: Holy Bad-Movies Batman!

October 8, 2018

Chris Carroll and Erik Slader endure 8 hours of Batman films (two of which were good) so that you don't have to!

Will they decipher the plot of "Batman Returns"?

Will they solve the Riddler's 'e.nigmas'?

Will they survive "Batman and Robin"?! 

Find out here, this Bat-time, this Bat-channel!


Issue Zero: This Time It’s Personal

October 8, 2018

Chris returns with a vengeance for the very first time with a brief introduction!

Join him shall you?